Welcome to the Quota Club of

Candlewood Valley


Our motto, “We Share,” comes from the Latin word Quota, which means share

The Collect

Quench in our hearts, Oh Lord all fires of selfishness
Unfold to us the joys of true friendship
Open our minds to a better understanding of service
Teach us the real meaning of sharing
And help us to hold high the principles of Quota

      for which we stand

B. Ethelda Mullen

"After the verb 'to Love,' 'to Help,' is the most beautiful verb in the world."
Bertha Von Suttner


Quota members are known for their service to the deaf, the hearing and speech impaired, and disadvantaged women and children.

contact us at quotacv@comcast.net

P.O. Box 565
Danbury, CT 06813